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About Real Estate

The Real estate industry has witnessed a rapid transformation over the past few years. With the quick changes in the industry, today’s participants – homeowners, renters, real estate brokers, developers, and renovators face an increasingly daunting task to get connected with the right audience at the right time. Gilded is pushing the boundaries of the real estate industry, driven by a vision of making things simpler and quicker as well as easier and more flexible.

By leveraging our innovative technology framework that combines matching algorithms with reliable insights, we help listing and buying agents connect with each other to make the process faster for real estate consumers – the buyer and the seller. Whether you’re a listing agent who seeks to provide top quality listing service or a buyer’s agent looking to find the perfect home for their client, Gilded is ready to put experience, technology, and professionalism to work for you. From apartments and coastal homes to Hampton estates and city condominiums, we match agent listings with client search criteria.

We don’t bend the truth to connect listing and buyers’ agents. Instead, we handle all real estate networking services with a very high level of professionalism as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. While we ensure our platform contains professional and licensed agents who specialize in selling, buying, and leasing of properties we also work hard to furnish real estate consumers with all the facts and support needed to make and strike a deal with a listing agent.

Our one of a kind and innovative platform is a must have platform in your professional tool kit. Get started today and change the way you do real estate!

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